Winter Collection - On Sale Now!

The Winter 2019 Collection is on sale now and features:
Welcome Beads
"Jewelry for your home." Designed and handmade in the Low Country of South Carolina by Shannon Levin. They are a welcoming tradition and symbol to your guests and look gorgeous hung in entry ways, on tables and fit perfectly on wine bottles and door knobs. This custom design includes sea glass beads and hand painted oyster shells in our favorite colors.
Coconut Dream Bar
Mayana Chocolate's award-winning chef Daniel Herskovic has created this uncommonly luxurious bar featuring a crispy coconut cookie, salted caramel, and creamy coconut. The beautiful packaging pays homage to the lush chocolate growing region and supports Mayana's craftsman approach to contemporary chocolate artistry.
Sea Garden Candle
Natural sea shells fill the bottom of this gel candle for a true coastal experience. Infused with pure botanicals in a lotus flower and water lily fragrance that is paraben free, this candle will leave your home scented with flowers from the beach.
Golden Ocean Marine Eye Gel
This collagen all-natural eye gel mask is infused with marine extracts and nano-gold to revive your eyes and leave you looking and feeling refreshed. Natural ingredients such as nourishing seaweed and age-defying gold work together to relax your skin and revitalize your complexion.
Pina Colada Loose Leaf Tea
Add some tiki to your tea time with this flavorful and fruity tea. Naturally low in calories, it is a guilt free, tropical indulgence that will transport you to pineapple paradise.
Rose Gold Tea Infuser
Tea tastes just a little sweeter when brewed inside a pineapple. This fresh rose gold infuser also doubles as a stir stick and is a perfect compliment to pina colada tea.
Facial Sea Sponge
Silk sea sponges are responsibly harvested from the coast of the Philippines and are perfect for gentle exfoliation. The minerals contained in the natural sponges nourish and benefit the skin and include calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and zinc. Simply rinse and hydrate this renewable resource.
Ombre Tassel Basket
Eco friendly bamboo is handwoven and dip dyed to create this on trend, tasseled, ombre basket. Too beautiful to keep in a closet, it makes for stunning storage that can take center stage in any home.